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           Sight Reading Booklet

Beat Response -Write it - Say it - Play it

This 13 page booklet outlines the basic concept of the "Beat Response System Write it-Say it-Play it"  The importance

of a comprehensive system is  1.)The Subdivision of Notes,  2.)The Subdivision of Syllables when counting rhythmic figures, 3.)The relativity of the use of the Subdivision of Notes and the Subdivision of the Syllables are relative to the time signatures.  The Beat Response System is Relating the value of the rhythmic pattern relationship to the beat as it

is sustained and subdivided.  Also the phycological aspects of the training of the eye when reading music is a vital part of this booklet. 

This is a work in progress When this is finished a sight Reading Book will be available for Concert pitch, Bb,F,Eb Bass Clef and Tuba 

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