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Music Education Resources

 Thanks you for visiting  my web site. I am dedicated to providing free music education articles and providing teaching material for professional development. As you highlight the the menu bar above the products will pop up.  Simply click on the subject or product you want to view and the product will appear on the screen.  Most of the products also have an audio recording that can be played, as well as a sample view of the scores or contents.


Be sure to check out original works for Band, Orchestra, Choral, and Percussion ensembles located in the Compositions and Arrangements Menu. These are compositions by myself and friends.    


In the Recordings Menu, you will find performances of ensembles that I have conducted over the years.  There are performances of the Oregon High School Band, Oregon, Wisconsin, (1970-1975).  University of Wisconsin Whitewater, Wisconsin, (1975-1976)  James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, (1977-1980). The Walt Disney World Band, 1990’s ,The Walt Disney World Orchestra, St Johns River City Band at Mid West Band and Orchestra Clinic 2003, and many others.  Also there are original recordings of songs performed by myself as well as performances of the Daughter Amanda Jacobs Davis and my son Chris Davis.

A Note From Michael Davis

I had the honor of attending Vander Cook College of Music and experienced the mastery teaching of H.E. Nutt.  HE's Directing Etude Test, is a gem among all gems. When you study an instrument, you study etudes written to develop various techniques. The same approach should be used to develop conducting techniques. If H.E. was alive today, he would be creating etudes that address the demands of the literature that is being written by contemporary composers. Thus, I have created four etudes using the same template that H.E. created. Each etude is designed with multiple tasks that need to be mastered before moving on to a more advanced levels.


Included in each etude are scores for ( Band, Orchestra and Choir) along with worksheets, study guide and evaluation forms  Also, I have written various studies involving pick ups, fermatas, cues, different meters, asymmetrical meters, cues and the changing of meters.  There is a total of 23 lessons supported with text and diagrams.    

© 2016 by Mike Davis and Scott Wilson

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